MC Tunes Single Review: Primary Rhyming MC Tunes: Primary Rhyming
Single Review
MC Tunes Single Review: Primary Rhyming Record Mirror
15th December 1990
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M.C. TUNES presents
'Primary Rhyming (Extended Mix)' (106¾bpm)

Fast talkingly nagged also by the Microphoness and young Dewiz, this juddery rolling but messily unconvincing ragga rap (Extended Instrumental flip) was promoed by Clubnet as a special limited twinpack with a separate coupling of the old Cream 'Sunshine Of Your Love' chords based jittery throbbing 'Tunes Splits The Atom (Creamatomic Mix)' (120bpm) (ZTT SAM 728) and 'Theme From The Big Country' punctuated frantically wordy 'The Only Rhyme That Bites' (125¼bpm), plus the only slightly less frenetic 'This Ain't No Fantasy' (120¼bpm) and 'Mancunian Blues' (120½bpm).

[Reviewer: James Hamilton]