808 State & Bjork Single Review: Ooops 808 State (& Bjork): Ooops

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808 State Single Review: Ooops Billboard
8th June 1991
Page: 75
808 STATE Ooops (8:25)
PRODUCERS: 808 State
WRITERS: 808 State, B. Gudmundsdottir
PUBLISHERS: Perfect Songs /Second Wind, BMI
REMIXER: Eric Kupper
Tommy Boy 986 (12 -inch single)

Fierce first single from Manchester group's new "Ex:el" set features Bjork from the Sugarcubes on lead vocals. Already a hit among import-savvy DJs, this keyboard-driven houser cleanly melds acid and ambient influences, while keeping a thick and
insinuating bass line at the forefront of every mix. Get on it!

808 State & Bjork Single Review: Ooops NME
20th April 1991
Page: 20

Ooops (ZTT)

808 State & Bjork Single Review: Ooops

808 State are the new Shadows, in every sense of the word. Gestalt is their rather pretentious and foreign sounding middle name. If you took the 'master tape' of 'Ooops' and turned all the tracks down except Number 14 you would get Tricky Disco. As it is, 808 State haven't, and they got this, a luxurious, worldly late-niter with the added pleasure of Bjork singing like a poor man's Sinead - but without that rude bald man shouting her out. In yer face and upside your head.

Meanwhile, those three baggy-trousered philanthropists in The Farm are so busy fighting over who keeps the single that their comments are somewhat concise.

Roy: This record changed my life- in a shop in Chester.

Keith: Sounds like a Hungarian Melodic Minor Scale. Very Cajun

R. MC Tunes has had a sex change!

K: Sex Change Of The Week.