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808 State Single Review: Pacific The Sydney Morning Herald
8th May 1990
Page: 16

STATE 808: Pacific
WEA 12-inch 246521

Dance music, currently more popular than ever, alone accounts for a bewildering number of styles and sub-genres. The latest is so-called ambient house, a more interesting variant of acid house from the North of England: State 808's club hit Pacific, with its dreamy soprano sax motif, is shot through with shivers of Weather Report, and although ultimately too hyped-up and breathless to sustain the atmosphere, signposts potentially interesting directions.


808 State Single Review: Pacific Billboard
24th February 1990
Page: 79
808 STATE Pacific (5:32)
PRODUCER: 808 State
WRITER: 808 State
MIXERS: Justin Strauss, Frankie "Bones," Tommy Musto
Tommy Boy TB-949 (12-inch single)

Long circulating as an import, this jazzy, futuristic instrumental takes house music to the next level - new age. Exquisite new mixes lend a sultry feel. Essential.

Contact: 212- 722 -2211.

808 State Single Review: Pacific Record Mirror
16th December 1989
Page: ??

808 STATE 'Pacific - 909 (Mellow birds mega edit)'


Still atmospherically started and whippoorwill twittered but then dramatic organ chorded more angular bouncy (0-)120 5/8 - 0bpm good 'Twilight'-ish re-re-remix, with a percussively tumbling 120 3/4 - 0bpm 'Bonus Bird Beats' plus, for exceptional value, their album's standout exciting 120 1/4 bpm 'Cobra-Bora' (full length this time)

[Reviewer: James Hamilton]