808 State Review: Quadrastate (Remastered) 808 State: Quadrastate (Remastered) Album Review
808 State Review: Quadrastate (Remastered) Record Collector
Issue 351
June 2008
Page: 82
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808 State

Back to the future with the dance arm of Madchester
This year’s 20th anniversary of the acid house revolution has seen a steady stream of reissues, club nights and media attention turning the occasion into one long party. It’s only fitting, then, that Manchester trio 808 State are back in action plus the subject of a reissue programme by both ZTT and Rephlex, who have already released the Newbuild and Prebuild albums first released on Creed, and now complete the trilogy with Quadrastate.

The music here was created on basic technology but helped shape the panoramic spectrum of today’s electronic music while shaking up the city’s indie scene. Tracks such as Fire Cracker and Deepville use Detroit techno to build a distinctly British style of electronic dance music, although the Manchester lineage continued as they mixed their mates and house pioneers New Order. The album is notable for featuring Pacific State, their euphoric single which became a world-renowned club anthem and a true late 80s classic. Also here (with extra acid mix) is Let Yourself Go, the group’s first single from 1988 which cheekily samples its strings from Barry White’s Love’s Theme. The Second Summer Of Love was a recklessly magical time when all rules were broken. Here’s one of the cornerstones.

**** (4 stars)

[Reviewer: Kris Needs]
808 State Review: Quadrastate (Remastered) Plan B
Issue 34
June 2008
Page: 75
808 State
Quadrastate (Rephlex)

808 State are the forgotten band of late Eighties Manchester. Selling out 12,000 capacity arenas, and pummeling the charts with a fistful of hits that bent music all out of shape, they were very much one of the key bands of the era, perhaps the one band who truly did mix rock and dance. The re-release of Quadrastate - their 1989 twelve-inch, now extended to a full length CD - is a timely reminder of their originality. Starting out in 1987, Graham Massey's group quickly assimilated Acid House, making thundering anthems that were timeless, and limitless in their breadth of vision. Paving the way for The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, 808 State were pioneers, very much part of Acid House culture, but fantastically blunt and Northern about their own individual vision. Key track 'Pacific State' still sounds breathtaking, as it washes over you like those white dove Es used to, a rollicking and beautiful piece of music.

[Reviewer: John Robb]
808 State Review: Quadrastate (Remastered) International DJ
Issue 100
June 2008
Page: 60
Rephlex (UK))
808 State Review: Quadrastate (Remastered)
Following the much-loved re-issue of their debut 'Newbuild' and the archived treats of 'Prebuid', Rephlex continue to deliver 808 State's pure insanity to the kids with their sophomore set from 1989. What strikes you hardest here, after all this time, isn't how well the tracks have aged, but how weird it all sounds. Even by today's standards, remember, this is being released on a label that prides itself on some of the oddest artists in a scene of oddballs. tracks like 'State Ritual' sound like a couple of fortnights in a bad balloon, all chaotic slap bass and melodies clashing against each other with no respect for harmony. And it's bloody great. Of course the sultry tones of Pacific State' can never fail to inspire all manner of euphoric raving-in-your-flip-flops daydreaming, butthe instant-appeal of that track belies the pure joy you can get out of the raucous 'Fire Cracker' or the head-down drum machine workout of 'Let Yourself Galt was an instant classic then, and it remains a milestone in acid house and everything that follows and it still sounds amazing today, so bow down and show your respect)

***** (5 stars)

[Reviewer: Oli Warwick])