808 State Single Review: 10x10 808 State: 10x10

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808 State Single Review: 10x10 Billboard
10th July 1993
Page: 62

808 STATE 10x10 (5:48)
PRODUCERS: 808 State
WRITERS: 808 State, P. Weller
PUBLISHER: Perfect Songs, BMI; And Son/EMI, ASCAP
REMIXER: Mike "Hitman" Wilson
Tommy Boy 562 (12 -inch single)

Venerable English ambient/acidhousemeisters undergo a lush Chicago diva-house transformation thanks to the astute remixing hand of Mike "Hitman" Wilson. He fills the track with glorious grand-piano lines and pushes the pre-existing flourish of gospel choir vocals to the forefront of the arrangement. Oozing with peak-hour drama, this one could propel the act back to the top of the dance heap.

808 State Single Review: 10x10 Melody Maker
19th June 1993
Page: 32
808 STATE - 10X10 (ZTT)

ANOTHER throbbing dance delight. 808 State, crafty buggers, know that minimal is magnificent, and so stretch their one idea here over a lithe and lovely beat embellished with only the sparsest lyrics, thus leaving your mind scope to roam and race as freely as your feet. 808 may be veterans but they are still among the wiliest dance politicians extant.